Friday, April 18, 2014

Every Little Aspect Makes a Big Difference

First I want to say how crazy it is that this is our last blog post for this semester.  It truly did fly by.  I guess time does fly when you're having fun?

Anyway, while reading, "Education is Politics" by Ira Shor I gained a lot of new information and also was reminded of information from past articles and discussions.  For the most part I found myself constantly connecting Shor's ideas to Kohn and his chart on what to look for in a classroom.  The reason being is the constant reminder of what a classroom environment should be like and how both the teacher and students should act.  Shor believes that through these actions if the environment is working or not can be seen which will result in empowering or de-powering the students. 

Along with what a classroom environment should be like I feel as if the idea of WHY we go to school plays an important role in every child's education.  If a student feels as if school does not have a purpose and that they are just going to get through it that there will be no actual learning occurring.  As a result, starting each and every school year with this discussion may lead to greater success. 

Throughout this environment and necessary conversation that Shor believes to be very important I also thought about Finn and his ideas.  The fact that there should be different methods of teaching depending on the school location and the social classes of the many students.  Along with this, Oakes ideas are also brought into thought.  The idea of tracking students based on their abilities may always have controversies but is very important in the education of all students.

Overall, I feel as if Shor’s article was very intricate but simple at the same time.  Throughout this article the many different ideas we have covered during this semester where brought to mind.  Each of these ideas paints a picture of what the perfect classroom may be and how to deal with the difficulties that may arise.  I know that as a future teacher I will keep each and every aspect in mind.  

In this article that I found the "ideal" classroom is described.  But, what I found interesting in it is that it does not focus on the material things but the meaning behind all of the "stuff".  May be useful in a few years!!!


  1. I have decided I am going to comment on everyone's blog, because this has been a great experience and I will miss each and everyone of you. I have enjoyed you in class as well as your posts. Now go a dazzle in the classroom!

  2. Hey! I enjoyed reading your post and seeing how you connected the reading to the authors we've read in class, also, great pictures!

  3. awesome pictures and post! loved that you mentioned the "ideal classroom" too!

  4. TIME DOES FY WHEN WE ARE HAVING FUN! ahhaa good job with your pos Madison! I really connected to the reading the same way!

  5. It's great that you brought up the idea of teaching kids WHY we go to school rather than just telling them that they have to and leaving it at that. If they know why they're there, they're going to be more invested and will get more out of their education than just a collection of facts. Nice post!